Discernment and Apostolic Planning

Launching processes for renewal and transformation

Apostolic Planning for Renewal and Transformation

event | Rome 5-8 december 2023

Apostolic planning practitioners of the Society of Jesus gathered in Rome for a week of training, sharing, and discernment in common.

Making An Apostolic Plan

 Video series for leaders

How to start? How to lead the process? How to engage people and manage conflicts? Fr. John Dardis invites Jesuits and religious leaders on an adventure of apostolic planning, sharing theory based on his life-long expertise.

Discernment in Common step-by-step guide


“Discernment is not an advertising slogan; it is not an organizational technique or a fad of this pontificate but an interior attitude rooted in the act of faith.” (Pope Francis)

Discover a step-by-step guide of discernment in common hosted by the Discerning Leadership Program.

Fr Genral Arturo Sosa SJ:
Apostolic Planning gives body to the Spirit


Watch a summary video of the 2019 Jesuit Leadership Conference held in Rome at the initiative of the General Curia of the Society of Jesus.

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